It’s time for another “Tibia Tuesday”! This week’s offering has a bit less Tibia, and no trem. It’s the March 1, 2014 “Resurrection” concert featuring our very own Opus 1907 and Orchestra Iowa. Enjoy!

Let’s start a new tradition, “Tibia Tuesday”! Here’s a little something from our own favorite Wurlitzer, thanks to Clark Wilson.

Tune in Easter Sunday, April 20 at 12pm CDT or Monday, April 21 at 7pm CDT for the broadcast of the March 1st, 2014 “Resurrection” concert by Orchestra Iowa. The concert features William Walton’s “Coronation Te Deum” and Gustav Mahler’s epic 2nd Symphony, and the return of the Paramount Theatre’s resurrected Wurlitzer Balaban1a.

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From our friends at The American Organ Institute at the University of Oklahoma comes this online, public database of their extensive collection.

The digitizing of the collection is a work in progress, but there are already valuable resources available, such as David Junchen’s papers and Jesse Crawford’s manuscripts, among other items.

Online, free, and available to the public!

Here’s your time travel link. You can relive the 1998 ATOS regional at the Pipedreams Website. The entire program is available for your listening enjoyment. The Barton, the Wurlitzer and the 1928 Skinner at Coe College are featured. Performances by Clark Wilson, Ron Rhode, John Seng, Walt Strony, Dave Peckham and Barry Baker.

What a great night of epic music making, marking the return of our Mighty Wurlitzer to the stage!

Saturday, March 1, 7:30 p.m.  Paramount Theatre

Janice Chandler Eteme, Soprano
Julie Boulianne, Mezzo-Soprano
Chorale Midwest
Des Moines Vocal Arts Ensemble

WALTON Coronation Te DeumMAHLER Symphony No. 2 in C minor (“Resurrection”)

After the immense damage it suffered during the 2008 flood, “The Mighty Wurlitzer” organ makes its victorious homecoming. The program features Walton’s splendid Te Deum and Mahler’s “Resurrection” symphony, which is said to have initiated his lifelong quest to see and portray beauty in the afterlife. With two choruses, two soloists and full orchestra, this colossal performance brings together the largest ensemble ever to appear at the Paramount Theatre.

Learn about the music of each Classical program during Insight, an informative, informal discussion presented by the Orchestra forty-five minutes prior to each concert. Held at the performance venue, Insight welcomes scholars, performers, and special guests who guide patrons through the historical, cultural and personal issues related to that program. 

Insight is free and open to all patrons in attendance. Insight will be held at 6:30 PM.
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Our Rhinestone Barton is featured on the Wikipedia page about Theatre Organs!  We like our consoles with just the right amount of sparkle:

The Rhinestone Barton in December 2013

The Wurlitzer console off house left, ready to blast forth “Joy to the World” with Orchestra Iowa.